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Roo in the City:

an illustrated blog about life with four kids in a small apartment in the BIG city

Ep. 7: Election Day


Before anyone has had breakfast, Dad is telling the older three to get their shoes on as he stuffs Roo into the front pack.
It’s a weekday, but there’s no school. Yet out the door they head to a school.
Their polling place is just around the block (NYC geography can be beneficial sometimes). There’s no line outside, but they have to wait to get the ballot, then wait to scan it in. Dad fills in his choices while on line.
“I’m not sure why you couldn’t HAVE school, but just not have gym class,” Dad says as they snake around a crowded gymnasium, and Roo tries relentlessly to grab the ballot. “This civics lesson isn’t so convenient.”
“What’s a civics lesson?” asks Benny.
“Vote any chance you get. That’s the lesson.”
“Then you get a sticker?”
“That’s right,” says dad.
“Just like at the doctor’s,” says Ben.
“I’m hungry,” Josie states.
“I’m starving,” tops Charlie, “Can I get a brownie at the bake sale outside?”
“I’m hungry, too,” says Ben.
“Hungry for democracy?” Dad asks.
“No, cookies.”

Jim Fenzel is NYC based illustrator and writer who works from the home of four kids.

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