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Coming Soon! The Playground reviews

NYC (and especially Central Park) is filled with playgrounds.

In the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s many of Roo’s family’s favorite Central Park playgrounds were built in the Adventure style. (For a brief History of Central Park perimeter playgrounds see: Plan For Play)

The Adventure Playgrounds provide a refreshing change from the regular collection of generic playground pieces one finds on most school yards and playgrounds. Yet those beacons of play designed by Richard Dattner and Paul Friedberg fell into varying levels of disrepair over the decades and many are in the process of being—or just recently have been—redone. The Central Park Conservancy has detailed information on their plans HERE

In the coming weeks, this blog’s panel of experts (they’ve been playing all their lives) will review many of the playgrounds in Central Park, their UES neighborhood, and throughout the city.

The Panel of Experts:



Though only 1 year old, Roo disregards any suggested ages at playgrounds and will climb up anything. Watch out, she’s not called Danger Roo for nothing



Benny is nearly four and has distinct opinions on what is fun and not fun (as well as what mom, dad, or Josie should do RIGHT NOW at the playground).



Josie approaches play differently than her siblings. She can be slow to try new things yet eager to get Roo and Benny to join in once she does



Nine, and soon ten, Charlie has outgrown some playground activities. He prefers ball sports to swings and wrestling to sliding.

On Saturday, the first review : East 72nd Street Playgound (in the Park at Fifth Ave and 72nd Street) will be posted. Whether you live in the city (anywhere in the city) and like to visit playgrounds, you visit the city with kids, or you are entertained by informative and (hopefully) funny reviews, please check it out.

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