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Go to Sleep Already!

Roo’s parents really dropped the ball 9 + years ago when it came to getting babies and toddlers on a regular nap schedule. They’d heard rumors of parents who’d put a child down for a regularly scheduled 1 o’clock nap, and not hear a peep from said child for at least two hours. That seemed as likely as finding a golden unicorn at the end of the rainbow. No, they never got anyone on a consistent nap schedule. Each day was a new crapshoot.

From Charlie to Josie to Ben to Roo, naps were most frequently taken in the stroller en route to a sibling’s school or event (or in the stroller for the specific purpose of creating a nap) and often ill-timed.

Josie’s nursery school was up two flights of rickety stair, and baby Ben, having just conked out, would be dragged from his stroller, carried up, put down on the floor as dad got Josie ready to go—coats, mittens, bags packed, ‘oh I have to go potty’—and brought back to his stroller where, instead of resuming his nap, he’d be a cranky, hungry mess. And they’d be hustling to get Charlie from kindergarten.

Now-a-days, Roo’s naps are when dad draws.

Occasionally, Roo will play while dad writes or sketches. But those episodes are rare and short-lived. Dad hates to waste a Roo nap while he’s walking or jogging—he can do that with her up, looking about, and babbling. So, he always has a notebook and pencils in the stroller. If Roo falls asleep, he stops (mid-run, mid-walk, mid-trip to the store) and finds a bench, table, coffee shop to draw at.


Today Roo took a nap inside. And it was cold. So dad tried to turn Roo into an animated character. Animation takes a long time. So, he was left with a toss-away test. But you can see it below

Roo’s favorite songs to dance to:

6. Dad chanting the ABC’s"

5. Assorted songs that come on Dad’s “Billy Pilgrim” Pandora channel.

4. Josie singing hip-hop.

3. The theme song from “Girl Meets World” that often blares out from the iphone Josie watches.

2. Traffic noise.

1. The Office Theme song. (Parenting done right)

Jim Fenzel is a work-from-home artist/ writer and father of 4 NYC kids.

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