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Roo in the City:

an illustrated blog about life with four kids in a small apartment in the BIG city

Ep. 4: Danger Roo


Benny has a song he’ll sing:

“Danger Roo! Danger Roo! You never know what she’s gonna do!!”


That’s the catchy part. Then it gets a little tedious:

“She’ll climb on anything: up, up, up ,up, up. She’s on the couch. Up, up, up , up, up. She’s on the table. Up, up, up, up, up. She’s on the window sill. Up, up, up, up, up. She’s on my chair...”


“Can you stop!?” bellows Charlie.

“You interrupted.” Says Benny. “Now I have to start all over.”

“Danger Roo! Danger Roo! You never know…”

“Where is that baby?” Dad asks. And a quick search of the apartment reveals she’s in one of her favorite Danger Roo spots, pushing out the books and game to make herself a second floor cubby perch on the book shelf:


Roo is only just learning to walk (though she seems to think walking down stairs, unassisted, is completely fine), but she’ll climb up and into anything.

Roo and her family visit a lot of playgrounds (Coming Soon to this blog: “Danger Roo’s NYC Playground Reviews”). When Charlie was a baby, his parents thought: ‘What is a baby going to do at a playground?’ and they’d go for a walk in Central Park instead, let him crawl in the grass some. But each subsequent child was let loose on the playground at an earlier and earlier age (they were there already with the older ones, why not?).

Roo doesn’t get intimidated by the playground:


So she needs to be ushered to the sections for smaller kids. And then watched closely. She entertains herself with a circuit: Stand, take a couple steps, fall, crawl up the stairs, dive bomb down the slide, repeat.


At the playground other parents are impressed/alarmed/concerned as she crawls along then rolls down the slides. Roo’s dad gets some funny looks from other grown-ups, but he says: “She has three older siblings, and they’re still alive and kicking.”

As her Gramps found out, if she’s left (even for a moment) unbuckled in her stroller, she’ll dive out. Despite the evidence, she’s not convinced the laws of gravity apply to her.

“Danger Roo, Danger Roo! You know know what she’s gonna do!”

What danger do your kids gravitate toward? Share a story in the comments.

Jim Fenzel is a work-from-home artist/ writer and father of 4 NYC kids.

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