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Ep. 2: Roo's Double Stroller

Roo in NYC


Roo’s perch in the cockpit of the double jogger

New York is a walking city. Though a different walking city than it once was.


In the pre-smartphone days, New York City’s sidewalks were a briskly flowing current. The hustling crowd would push you along at breakneck speed and you’d rush to keep up, so not to be sucked under their feet.

Today, the sidewalks are tumultuous white water. Folks instantly stop in the middle of the path to answer a text and you’ve got to dodge with swift dexterity. A guy reading his phone drifts across the walkway and you’ve got to speed up and duck around to avoid colliding.



Those pitfalls can be intimidating alone or even pushing a nimble single stroller.

But, Roo (with Benny) rolls in the full-size SUV of strollers—a double wide jogger that can go off road, but spends its time clogging city streets.

Roo’s family is primarily a walking family. They’ll get on the bus or the subway when they leave the big strollers at home. But day to day, Roo watches the city from her comfy cockpit as they travel about in a 25 to 30 block radius from home.


Roaming Area

Weekdays it’s school-home-martial arts.

Weekends are home - martial arts - baseball (way up on randall’s Island) - and family time at the Great Lawn in Central Park.

Roo sits in the double stroller, lap belt fastened but she’s squirmed out of the shoulder straps to better attend to her official duties. Which are:

1.Remove anything from her feet—socks, slippers , shoes—and drop them from the stroller leaving a trail marking her path.

2. Point at dogs and squeal with delight.

3. And, most importantly: Wave. Both hello and goodbye. (Sometimes a little too late) to passing pedestrians. But, sometimes it magically brightens one’s day.


Daily, after Roo has picked her siblings up from school, they travel, as her entourage, up to their own after school activities.

Benny sits beside her, but also plays the role of Marvel universe secret service. In and out. Running ahead, landing in 3 point superhero poses on the sidewalk.

Charlie talks of baseball.

On her scooter, Josie zips ahead and parts the city traffic like a motorcycle police officer.


What’s your favorite walk with kids in NYC or anywhere throughout the world? Let me know in the comments section.

Jim Fenzel is a NYC based artist/ writer and work-from-home dad of 4.

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