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Roo in the City:

an illustrated blog about life with four kids in a small apartment in the BIG city

Ep. 1: The Water Table

Roo in NYC

Water trouble

While Roo’s New York apartment is not large, there are plenty of elements to keep a baby entertained (or in trouble).


Today, Roo is doing one of her most important jobs: clearing the books off the book shelf.

It’s monotonous work, and her mind drifts to other topics, like: How much fun is a water table?  

Splash and pour and play. And if you had such an opportunity in your own house, wouldn’t you be driven to it daily? Thrice daily perhaps?


Roo knows where the “water table” is.

She also knows she’s not to go into that room unaccompanied.

But she sees her siblings come and go— in and out—and hears her dad’s reminders to them: “Shut that door!”

But occasionally they’ll forget.


After Benny brushes his teeth for the fourth time with ‘Yum Yum Bubblegum” toothpaste (for superheroes take personal hygiene quite seriously) or Charlie wanders out preoccupied with a stack of baseball cards, the door might be ajar.

And she’ll sense it.


And when she does, the question becomes: Just how fast can a baby crawl to get somewhere she shouldn’t be but desperately wants to go?


Spoiler: pretty fast.


Time to decontaminate the baby.


After all that, Roo finds herself in the fully submersible water table; Roo for the win.

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Jim Fenzel is a stay-at-home dad artist and writer in NYC.

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