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illustrated blog about life in NYC apartment with 4 kids

Roo in the City:

an illustrated blog about life with four kids in a small apartment in the BIG city

Ep. 3: Rainy Sunday

Outside the rain is steady. The playground is puddled; swings wet, slides slick. Roo will have to be contained. So, they will go for a walk and see what the city has to offer on a lazy, rain-out September Sunday.

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Intro: Roo in the City

This is Roo.

She just turned 1. Roo lives with her mom, dad, and three older siblings in a NYC apartment on the east side of the isle of Manhattan. Roo’s apartment opens up to the whole big city—the bustling sidewalks, the towering buildings, the local school lots and playgrounds, shops and farmers’ market, and the wonderful, expansive Central Park.

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