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A closer look at some of my pieces


A Closer Look at Some Pieces


Project: Cornell Athletics, Varied Audiences

For Kids, Students, Alumni


Poster: Kids Day

I illustrated and designed this poster for Cornell Lacrosse Kids Day. It was given out to all children at the game, and they could get it autographed by the players after.

I worked with Cornell Athletic Department to use their official logo (though edited to fit the poster theme) and with Cornell Print Shop to create the hard copies.

Audience: Kids and fans


Student Tee Shirt

How to make one design work for Men’s and Women’s lacrosse?

Using a playing card theme, I designed an ink illustration to be used on tee shirts for both women’s lacrosse and men’s lacrosse while also keeping the two programs united.

Image can be flipped so female or male bear is upright.

Audience: Current college students


Fine Art Prints

First is a mixed media (pen, ink, digital) rendering of the history of Cornell Lacrosse. It depicts players from 1970 thru the present on the filed, together, in their respective primes.

I worked with a respected giclee printer to create high quality LE art prints and canvas prints

Audience: Alumni and fans


Along with the above image came a series of prints (mixed media, ink and digital) and note cards depicting the current team.

Audience: Parents, alumni, fans


Project: Laxcots

Lacrosse + Mascot = LAXcot


Too many team mascots are clip art copies of the same bulldog the team across town uses, the same screaming eagle face of a dozen other football teams. Laxcots are not that. Each hand drawn in a unique pose and colored digitally, a laxcot can represent your team’s grit, style, and history.

In 2018, I ran a successful Kickstarter in which backers could receive a sheet of Laxcots decals and/or a custom laxcot of their own:

A video timelapse look at inking and coloring a laxcot:

Project: Cornell University Football 100 years



Having already done several pieces of art for Cornell depicting their iconic Schoellkopf Field with its crescent shaped stands, I was approached by an Alumnus and the Athletic Department about creating an image celebrating 100 years of Cornell Football on Schoellkopf Field.

Turns out, the Crescent was not part of the original 1915 design. And, in 1915, the Touchdown, the bear mascot, was not a costume but an actual cub. My reference photos for the project included images from the archives of Cornell sports as well as modern day.



As in many of my works (such as Red/White Scrimmage), I sought to blend past and present. In doing so, I felt it was important to use specific references from the 1915 season, not just allusions to the generic past.


Final Image

The final image was used on programs and sold in limited edition prints.


Banner at the stadium

I worked with a national printer and the Athletic Department to get large banners printed and hung in the main arches of the stadium.