Jim Fenzel Art
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Commission Jim

How To Commission Me:

  Contact me: Send an email (jimfenzel@gmail.com) to start a discussion.


 Process: I will work in either digital mediums or acrylic paint or a blend of pen&ink or pencil and digital depending on the project. 

 I don't directly reproduce photos, but prefer to use several snapshots to create an original scene. Typically (for lacrosse works) I use photo references for jerseys styles, faces, body but create the scene myself


  Pricing: The price is based on size of the work, number of subjects, and complexity of background (for example, see the difference between the architectural background (Park Ave/Grand Central Terminal) in the NY Lizards poster and the more fluid stormy sky in the IMG poster). 

SEE ABOVE for Sampling of prices


Once we discuss your project, I will send you a pricing sheet. Typically, I require a non-refundable 50% deposit to begin. 

 Final products can be dropped off in New York City or shipped (via UPS or USPS )


 We will continue to communicate (over the phone and/or email) to establish the guidelines of your commission.





1. Size: What are you using this for? With digital pieces, I work in files large enough to be reproduced at very large sizes (typically up to 4'x8'). Original paintings are more size specific

2. Color: Warm or cool. What is the dominant color you envision?

3. Style: Look at some of my other work. What style do you like best for your project?

4. Uses: Do you want one piece? Or hundreds of posters? Or holiday cards? Do you need me to print (or arrange printing)? Or would you just like the rights to the art (I can provide any type of digital file: psd, pdf, jpeg, tiff, etc)

5. Timeline: How soon do you need it? Typically turnaround is 1 to 2 months, but I can usually work with a tighter time frame as well.